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May Case

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Antech Cuvée Emotion Rosé 2018

Haute Févrie Moulin de la Gustais 2019

Vincent Ricard Le Petiot 2019

Colombière Les Jacquaires 2019

Ch. de Chaintres Saumur Blanc Les Genêts 2019

Revelette PUR Blanc 2019

Chaintres Les Hirondelles Saumur Rose 2019

Richard Rottiers La Sambinerie 2019

Triballe Toutes Aures Rouge 2018

Olivier Pithon Mon P’tit Pithon Rouge 2019

Sebastien David Hurluberlu 2019

Dm. Trapadis Côtes du Rhônes Rouge 2018

Well, there’s excitement afoot and maybe some trepidation too but, hey ho, ahead we go! With more restaurants opening up in the weeks ahead (yes weeks!), we reckon May to be the month of hope. So, to match this feeling of renewed optimism we bring you a special case filled with many great bottles and all which happily resonate with us. As ever, we hope that you will enjoy.

We’ll start with the Antech rosé, pourquoi non! A dally in the Loire with the Moulin de la Gustais - benchmark muscadet - and the fresh pleasure of the always popular Vincent Ricard Le Petiot. We finish this little trio with Chaintres’ Les Genêts. Made from 100% Chenin Blanc, it has influences oflimestone benches, which gives it both character and purity. An excellent aperitif. We’ve said a lot about Peter Fisher’s PUR Blanc and for good reason! And pure, as it happens, is a great one-word note. The reds are made up of a pot pourri of favourites, starting with Richard Rottiers La Sambinerie Beaujolais. At this time of year this wine also enjoys a little chill. So too does our much-loved l’Hurluberlu. Some may come and others may go, but we’ve followed Sebastien and his Cabernet Franc trail closely over the years. This is a wine that makes afficionados smile! From the South, there’s Triballe’s prized Toutes Aures 2018 (and this was an especially good year for them). On to another winemaker who has remaineda constanton our lists: Olivier Pithon. His Mon P’tit Pithon 2019 is a terroir-driven wine with impressive depth of fruit. We’ll pop into Trapadis on the way back home… The Côtes du Rhône 2018 is classic. As with many of our wines, there is no dogma, no mantra, this wine is made biodynamically because that is precisely what Hèlen wants to do. He knows that his patience is rewarded and we too are rewarded in the glass… Trinch!


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