Blvd. Napoléon

4 Route des Mourgues, 34210 La Livinière, France (Directions)

Our Winery is set into the ramparts of the medieval village of La Livinière in the Minervois in South West France. The village became the first “Cru” recognised in the Languedoc region in 1999. Set in the foothills of the Montagne Noir, its elevation and diversity of terroir and microclimate give La Livinière the ability to produce great and focused fruit and wonderful wines.

When we purchased the winery, the building was ramshackle and had been used on and off for various things, just like the buildings which house our restaurants. We repaired the roof, windows, doors and more, and named the resulting wine after the old stone street sign on the building opposite: BOULEVARD NAPOLEON.

Our Wine Maker Benjamin

We had been buying from local winemakers in the Minervois for over fifteen years, and that is where we first met Benjamin before he headed to Australia to make wines for Michel Chapoutier. On Benjamin's return to his native France in 2008 he heard about the winery for sale (as usual, "on the grapevine”). Such opportunities are rare and Benjamin took Trevor to see it one day.

Benjamin is now our winemaker, a man of passion and talent. With him we bought second hand tanks and equipment, sometimes vinifying wines for others to help pay the costs of our little start-up. Eventually in 2013 we were ready to release our first wines, the 2011 vintage. It was worth the wait, our faith in Benjamin's sought-after skill had amply paid off. Boulevard Napoleon was born!

Where to Buy

Our Boulevard Napoleon wine can be purchased at each of our three restaurants, and from our online wine store. We are delighted to announce international distribution in the United States, Canada and France.

In the UK, our Boulevard Napoleon is distributed through Liberty Wine. Do click below to find a stockist near you.

You can also find our Boulevard Napoleon Wines at the following locations:


Philglas & Swiggot
The Fine Wine Company
Bentley's Wine Merchants
Find Me That Wine Ltd
S H Jones & Co. Ltd.


The Bath Priory Ltd.
Benedicts Restaurant
The Hoebridge

And others across the UK.