Bread and Wine


Saturday 23rd March 2019

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Welsh Rarebit7.00
Jerusalem Artichoke, Red Onion and Olive9.60
Beetroot, Red Cabbage and Creme Fraiche8.60
Kohlrabi, Brown Shrimp and Chervil9.80
Grilled Kid Heart and Mint Sauce9.90
Smoked Cod's Roe, Egg and Cress10.10
Grilled Kid Liver and Green Bean Chutney17.10
New Season Onion, Goat's Curd and Mint15.90
Swede Cake15.70
Lemon Sole, Wild Garlic and Capers24.00
Tamworth Faggots and Sour Cabbage19.80
Braised Hereford Beef, Ox Kidney and Mash22.10
Fish Pie and Peas (for two)36.00
Purple Sprouting Broccoli and Vinaigrette7.20
St. James and Oatcakes6.90
Eccles Cake and Lancashire Cheese9.00
Bread and Butter Pudding8.60
Spiced Apple Crumble8.80
Queen of Puddings8.90
Chocolate Terrine and Brandied Prune9.10
Dr Henderson Ice Cream4.20
Rhubarb Sorbet and Polish Vodka8.00
Madeleines Half Dozen (fifteen minutes)5.00
Madeleines One Dozen (fifteen minutes)10.00


Nose to Tail Eating: A Kind of British Cooking20.00
Beyond Nose to Tail: A Kind of British Cooking Part II18.99
The Complete Nose to Tail40.00

Saturday 23rd March 2019

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