A case for July

A case for July

Our July Selection is a celebration of this unaccustomed weather with rosés, reds to chill and fresh whites, all made for the warmth. A warmth that reminds us of the Maconnais, home of the two long-awaited new additions to our St. JOHN Label family which are here at last, and with perfect timing! That Mâcon just cries out for a light chill (we know the feeling), and the Mâcon Villages will be your elegant, peachy, fresh and quaffable companion all Summer long.

Also new to our lists is the Gresser Duttenberg Riesling which, bone dry and delicate, is just the thing before Sunday lunch in the garden (we can dream)! And Richard Rottier's recently arrived La Sambinerie Beaujolais Villages which will also enjoy a little cold, as will an old favourite: the Lledoner Pelut.

The aptly-named Papillon is light, fresh, and pretty... then, with a little more weight, there's the grassy and fresh new vintage of Le Petiot to enjoy after work one evening - grass in your glass and, we hope, around your feet. Which would suit the pale, dry and beachy Cuvée M rosé too. 

Finally, how do our chefs spend their after work hours? At the moment their pleasure is to sit on our front step with glasses of the Antech Crémant Cuvée É​motion, the delicate pink strawberries-and-cream bubbles uplifting and refreshing after a hot kitchen shift. This is what Summer evenings look like.

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