SPRING BUBBLES Informal Wine Tasting

SPRING BUBBLES Informal Wine Tasting

We restart our program of Informal Wine Tastings with a bang! Or rather, a fizz. Since most of us reserve sparkling wines for sparkling occasions, opportunities to try them side-by-side can be rare. But comparing styles is an illuminating experience, and here we will present six bottles to allow you to do just that. From highly traditional Champagnes to the bubbles of the moment: Cremant. Three of the latter, in fact! Never say we do not have our fingers on the pulse.  And two of those Cremants will be surprises from a winemaker making their St. JOHN debut. Join us for the reveal…!

Then to steady yourselves as you sip, keeping you grounded through all that effervescence, snacks from chef Alex who tells us how much he loves horseradish with sparkling wines. And the Potatoes and Rollright? Inspiration, perhaps, for your spring table: Trevor has often told us that Champagne can be a better choice with a cheese board than that hackneyed red.

Trevor will effuse, bubbles will gently pop, you will be gently amused. And, we hope, enlightened too.

£27 pp
inc. all wines, snacks and service.

Thursday, 15th March
18.30 - 20.00

St. JOHN Maltby
41 Maltby Street

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