Real Loire and Unreal Trends

Real Loire and Unreal Trends

I have now recently eaten smashed/bashed/massaged avocados on both coasts of America, in Melbourne, Sydney and other places in between... and the list goes on. Is there nowhere to take refuge from the 'trend'? Apparently not. I went to Saumur in the Loire this week and was taken by local winemakers of repute to a restaurant of repute. The amuse-bouche? I kid you not, it was bloomin’ avocado! How deep runs the meme? (not sure what I just said, just wanted to use the word).

One thing though, talking of memes (am I? I stand to be corrected), we did not drink any “natural wine” in Saumur. Well, we did by some criteria you can apply, but it was simply good wine, well made. Which is to say that it tasted like wine with no hint of rainwater - a commodity which is now presumably even more globally precious as it irrigates a planet full of avocado “production facilities”.

Saumur, where the avocadeau is traditinally grown

A wine travel tip for you: when in the Loire don’t chase that crowd to those certain doors. Instead check out folk like Domaine de Haute Perche, Vincent Ogereau, Francois Crochet, Filiatreau, Chateau Langlois, Jo Pithon… but as the region is the most diverse in France, here’s a cheats tip, just look at RSJ Restaurant in London which only lists good things from the Loire, or go to Jim Budd’s website for his extensive knowledge of the region.

As a postscript, and a balance to unethical avocado practices, well done the good people at Jellied Eel. They did not seek to crowdfund for much, but they got there, and they will do a lot of good things with a little. 

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