Trevor's views and adventures

Trevor's views and adventures

Keykegs and Hugh the Campaigner, Jobs for the (Brexit) boys and some light relief in Paris and elsewhere.

As Hugh looks earnestly and emotionally at the cross marked on his Keo Films staffer’s hand, this time it’s about single use plastics, and quite right. I’m waiting for someone to tell me that keykegs are not generally single use plastic items here in the UK, anybody? Meanwhile I have taken the liberty of attaching an opinion piece that Root & Bone magazine asked me to write, here, as this was published a couple of weeks ago. Since then it appears that jobs are being given out in the departments that matter most to our livelihood, be careful what you did or didn’t vote for, jobs for the (Brexit) boys. Trump's recruitment record wasn’t the best but he has no one to answer to, ah, oh dear.

To Paris and the annual Fête de Musique, great fun was had at Le Grand Bain with St. John family folk happily working in their 20th. arrondissement, importantly we now have someone looking after our little family of wine accounts and selling our wines at the store, makes us happy. Camille at Les Caves du Roy in the 18th. is there to serve and to help, it’s a real good wine shop too, proper! So I’ve thrown in a picture of Anders of the great Fiskebaren in Copenhagen enjoying things at their 10th. birthday party, Zoey enjoying a magnum of St. John Beausoleil rosé in Paris (she did share, she did…) and out in the countryside, winemaker Kevin with a squinting me, in the cellar of Domaine des Ronces up in the Jura the other day.. it was and is hot here in the French countryside, we hope for some relief, there’s no suncream for the grapes, and we’ve just received a warning of hailstorms as the temperature climbs up towards 40 degrees!

Fun at the Fete de Musique - shoemaker Zoe.
Emily formerly of the Smithfield kitchen helping with the ox heart buns in Paris
Our "Napo" in situ at Les Caves du Roi! 

Fiskebaren birthday
Anders enjoying our wine
Domaine du Ronces with winemaker Kevin
Grapes in the heat

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