Good things to eat: Amsterdam, Paris and Sydney

Good things to eat: Amsterdam, Paris and Sydney

Sadly I missed the article “How to Instagram your food” in a recent Waitrose Magazine. Think of the tips I could have picked up! Here’s mine, having recently eaten in Ben Shewry’s (all 'round good man) "new" Attica, amongst the camera people: if you must do it, just try and do it in the comfort of your own home!

Travels throw up good places to eat so here are some: in Amsterdam, Joris Bijdendijk’s Rijks. They are good people and it is a stylish operation indeed, at the eponymous museum. Then two good men and late-night entertainers of St. JOHN folk, Giel and Bram at Kaagman and Kortekass... all very different from the days of tourist rijstaffel on the menu in Amsterdam!

Restaurant Passerini, Paris 12me, a good spot for lunch amongst a sophisticated dontcha-know crowd (and for a photo of Fergus as “the man at the window”).

Meanwhile at the other end of the world, indeed planet, a v. good burger with the thrash, the T-shirts, the cocktails, Mary’s in Sydney, Jake and Kenny are a force. 

There will always be lunch at Chez Georges in Paris, it has really quite sensible opening hours too.

Finally, now the chance to drink an Alsace Pinot Noir might not be available at any of the above, even Chez Georges, however, just to say that the best reds, given price and all the other criteria that I have tasted with a view to listing this year, are Trimbach’s two Pinots, both 2014s, the Reserve and the Cuvee “7”. For those of you who know your Pinot history, there was a time when… 

I put the Reserve straight on the list, Fergus is happily on quality-control duties.

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