As our kitchen at the Bridge Theatre goes from strength to strength we are central to the daily life of the working theatre, providing sustenance to theatregoers as well as those who work and walk around glorious Tower Bridge. In a mere two weeks the theatre will see the opening of a brand new Alan Bennett play, excitement indeed, and we are thrilled to be sharing a space with such exulted creative endeavours.

When the show opens there will, as ever, be madeleines in the interval, post-show suppers and pre-show snacks. But in the meantime we are delighted to be open during what is called in theatre-speak a 'dark period' - the time between shows - and what for us is anything but dark, with light streaming into the great glass-fronted, skylit foyer and onto happy tables filled with sandwich-munching, kholrabi-crunching, coffee-sipping and wine-swigging. 

Doughnuts and pastries come each morning from our Bakery around the corner in Bermondsey, as does the bread for our sandwiches - not only the St. JOHN favourites but also new things created by Fergus especially for the Theatre. Roast Beef and Horseradish sandwiches, a treat!

Riverside lunches, bright meeting spots, a quiet space to read. A doughnut and a glass of wine. We hope to see you there.


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