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The White Set 6
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The White Set 6

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Ch. de Chaintres Saumur Blanc Les Genêts 2019

Bagnol Cassis Blanc 2018

Vincent Ricard Le Petiot 2019

Olivier Pithon 357 Blanc 2019

Dm. Malandes Chablis Envers de Valmur 2018

St. Mitre Papillon Blanc 2018

Our Whites Case is a bountiful trip around L’Hexagone, otherwise known as Metropolitan France (it’s all in the shape, you know). So let’s start in the far Mediterranean South West, in the Côtes Catalanes. This Macabeu has exotic notes and yellow tree fruits, complex with sun in the glass and redolent of Barcelona just over the border.

Then we head north to Touraine and a Sauvignon: the rightly popular Le Petiot with its fresh, clean minerality, hedgerow and green fruit - the 2019 is just the thing when refreshment is required. A local hop takes us to Saumur and Chaintres Les Genets 2019, a Chenin Blanc which is for us one of the classic French grapes. This one is bright, with citrus and some savoury notes too. A drinking pleasure.

Of course a Chablis is required! Envers du Valmur 2018. Classic, old vines, power and elegance - and modern, healthy practices in the viticulture. We have been buying wine from this family for two generations now, and it only gets better. Heading to the Med via Provence we have St. Mitre’s Papillon Blanc, a 100% Vermentino (aka ‘Rolle’ in the local lingo). Fresh with some melon, honeydew and citrus. And finally to the sea once more and the beautiful limestone cliffs above the extremely pretty town of Cassis. The Bagnol Cassis Blanc is, we’d argue, the very best. Domaine Bagnol are among our favourite people: we can attest to a true Provençal welcome every time we visit (we always walk home). We suggest you do the same after this delightful haul.


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