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Wines Mixed CaseThe Red Set 6
The Red Set 6
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The Red Set 6

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Pithon 357 2019
Colombière Coste Rouge 2016
Boulevard Napoléon Cabernet Franc/Syrah 2017
Trapadis Roaix Les Perrières 2018
Rottiers La Sambinerie 2020
Gresser Brandhof Pinot Noir 2018

There was a time when the Pinot Noirs of Alsace were the most lauded in France, so here’s one from the old house of Gresser. Borders may change but classic Alsace Pinot remains delicious. Heading south to the Rhône, the Trapadis Roaix Les Perrières - with its brilliant garnet hue - is a fine example of how our winemakers care intensely for their soils. Beyond the colour are earthy notes and white pepper behind pure red fruits. We passed the good folk at Richard Rottiers in Romanèche Thorins on the way south, it was some years ago when Richard and his mates cooked lunch for us in their damp, dare I say “studenty”, kitchen, fortunately we ate outside! La Sambinèrie is all granite terroir,  giving structure to the lovely fruit, cherrystone freshness and black berry fruit depth with balanced acidity to the finish, a pleasure.

Just west of Toulouse, sits the small appellation of Fronton, a long-time favourite. We can correctly say “benchmark” for this 100% Negrette - the indigenous grape. Concentrated berry fruit, some smokiness, graphite notes, it’s just the ticket. In the Pyrenean foothills, Olivier Pithon has released a new vintage of the 357 Carignan. There is the freshness of the vintage and yet those black and purple fruits, concentrated in the long late summer under intense blue skies, come through with a certain clarity and finesse… Finally, Boulevard Napoléon Cabernet Franc Syrah 2017. There is a story from the early days of the winery about Cabernet Franc, but for now suffice to say we feel that Cabernet Franc is happy in our hills. It has a certain richesse, which separates it from the wines of the Loire, but retains the purity of fruit. And with a little of our Syrah, it reaches a most satisfactory, and lengthy conclusion.

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