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Wines Mixed CaseThe Red Set 6 2020
The Red Set 6 2020
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The Red Set 6 2020

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Pithon Mon P`tit Pithon 2019
Triballe Il était temps 2017
Chasselay Les Grands Eparcieux 2018
Gresser Brandhof Pinot Noir 2017
St. Mitre Cuvée M Rouge 2014
Colombière Les Frontons Flingeurs 2018

As with our white and rosé cases, these bottles range from lighter to fuller bodied. We start with one of our long-time favourites: Olivier’s Mon P’tit Pithon Rouge, which has become a list staple. A blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre, there is cherry and some stone fruits, redolent of the Roussillon foothills of the Pyrenees. Freshness and sunshine!

Across to Alsace for the lighter bodied, strawberry-fruited yet minerally Pinot Noir from Gresser, similar to a Bourgogne with its structure and purity. Dipping south to Beaujolais and the folk at Chasselay… after a difficult 2017, they are back on form with their organic 2018 Les Grands Eparcieux - a bright beetroot hue, with blackberries and other dark fruit, it’s delicious served slightly chilled.
Heading back towards Bordeaux (but not as far) to Fronton, Les Flingeurs is a juicy, supple and earthy red made from Negrette (the main grape of the region), great at room temperature it is also delicious lightly chilled. Bearing towards Provence, enjoy a bottle of the very last of Cuvée M Rouge (their rosé is in the Pink Set). Red wine and Provence tend not to be a ready association but for Virginie and Philippe Poiron, the demand for their rosé is such that they can no longer make their red. It’s a wonderful blend of Grenache and mostly Syrah; juicy top notes from the Grenache while the Syrah gives it structure and backbone. Elegant, moreish and medium bodied - a happy addition to any meal.
Lastly, we have Triballe’s Il Était temps…Olivier Durand is a true man of the garrigue. He loves his terroir and the Domaine has been biodynamic since its creation. Syrah lead, supple and silky, with black and purple fruit and some smoke and spice in the back notes - great with meat and roast vegetables.

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