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Wines Mixed CaseNovember Case 2019
November Case 2019
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November Case 2019

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Breton Aussi Sec 2018
Crochet Sancerre Blanc 2018
Metz Pinot Gris V.V 2017
Pithon Mon P`tit Pithon Blanc 2018
Gaudron Les Vaux Louis Vouvray 2017
Roquefort Corail Rose 2018
Trapadis Côtes du Rhône 2017
Colombière Coste Rouge 2015
Boudau Le Clos Rouge 2018
Chasselay Les Grands Eparcieux 2018
St. JOHN Mâcon 2017
Boulevard Napoléon Cabernet Franc / Syrah 2017

This month our journey home is in darkness and we are reminded that we face a few months of this before the sky lightens. To help combat our pangs of sadness we have put together a case to celebrate the long nights with a selection of warming reds and richer white wines. The Sancerre from Francois Crochet will brighten anyone’s day, and as a compelling comparison we have included Sauvignon Blanc from Catherine and Pierre Breton. Not satisfied with two Loire whites we have included a juxtaposition with Gaudron’s Vouvray, Eric Metz’s rich and beguiling Pinot Gris from Alsace and, to complete the white selection, a favourite that will make anyone smile - the spicy, fresh, rewarding and textural blend from Olivier Pithon. We are firm believers that rosé is for anytime of the year, not simply Summer, and Roquefort’s Corail fits the bill with its ripe fruits and dry finish that will delight with a simple steak supper (really!).

To the reds! It isn’t deepest darkest Winter just yet so we felt that a bottle of Pinot Noir is essential to the mix – cue St JOHN Mâcon! And another fresh and easy bottle - the Côtes du Rhône from Trapadis. Getting darker, here is the newly arrived Coste Rouge which starts out in the glass as if it were a Pinot Noir and evolves to darker fruits; and those darker fruits are mirrored with another new arrival, Les Grands Eparcieux, and the plush Le Clos Rouge. Finally, for the truly cold and rainy nights, the newly released Boulevard Cabernet Franc with its boisterous, dark and brooding flavours make this a sure favourite throughout the Winter months.

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