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Wines Mixed CaseJuly Case 2019
July Case 2019
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July Case 2019

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St. JOHN Crémant de Limoux 2017
Haute Févrie Moulin de la Gustais 2018
Colombette Au Creux du Nid Blanc 2018
Pithon P`tit Pithon Blanc 2018
Gaudron La Coudraie 2016
St. JOHN Picpoul 2018
Roquefort Corail Rosé 2018
St Mitre Cuvée M Rosé 2018
Sebastien David Hurluberlu 2018
Trapadis Côtes du Rhône 2018
St. JOHN Bien Autre 2014
Boulevard Napoléon Grenache 2013

Our July selection is dedicated to the easy-drinking delights of Summer – but with a strong conviction that easy-drinking should never be boring! A celebration of the warmer season, wines which quench the thirst as they invigorate and uplift and pique your interest too.

The jewel in the crown: our own Crémant de Limoux, fresh with citrus and orchard fruits. Brand new to our lists, this is a great opportunity to try! Warm and muggy weather calls for crisp and refreshing wines – the Muscadet and the P’tit Pithon Blanc are what you need, the latter will happily accompany almost any meal! As will Gaudron’s La Courdraie, an elegant and complex Chenin Blanc whose pretty floral notes make it a good pairing for a meal with a hint of spice. Something amazingly quaffable at the end of a long day? Both the new vintage of our own Picpoul and the Creux du Nid are what you want. And of course you want two rosés – the stunning Corail and the fine, beachy St Mitre Cuvée M.

Reds for an English summer! Soggy grey days are brightened by the newly listed Côtes du Rhône from new producer Dm. de Trapadis, full of fresh red fruits, and for cooler weather our favourite “Napo” Grenache Noir – some of the very last of our 2013, juicy plush and rich – as is the one and only Bien Autre. And finally, if chilled reds are your summer dream, not only does that Grenache chill down wonderfully but also we can’t get enough of natural wine hero Sebastian David’s l’Hurluberlu. Crunchy, juicy, fabulous – and it comes in magnums too! It will be your bottle of choice all summer long.

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