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Wines Mixed CaseFebruary Case 2020
February Case 2020
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February Case 2020

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Cuvée Emotion rosé 2017
St. JOHN Bourgogne Blanc 2016
Papillon Blanc 2018
L’été Gascon Blanc 2018
Mon P’tit Pithon Blanc 2018
Expérience 2018
Toutes Aures Rouge 2017
St. JOHN Macon 2017
Boulevard Napoléon Grenache 2015
Vieilles Vignes Saumur Champigny 2018
La Petite Soeur 2018
Garrigues Rouge 2017

This past month has felt endless - grey, cold, and likely dry. But, with the lightening mornings, February brings a promise that there are good things ahead. And, with abstemious January almost through, some of those good things are from St. JOHN.

Our chief concern this month is to lift your spirits and to brighten those still-short days. To this end we have put together a case of those bottles which most delight our own staff. Here are their two most beloved, most-ordered post-work refreshments: the Papillon Blanc, a fresh, bright and thirst-quenching Vermentino, and the Antech Cuvée Emotion Rosé, particularly adored by our chefs.

We hesitate to mark those pink bubbles out for that divisive day that falls mid-February, for this bottle is merely here because it is truly excellent, as is the similarly pink Expérience Rosé, proof that rosé should not be kept for Summer. More textural whites: our own Bourgogne Chardonnay, the ever-rewarding Mon P`tit Pithon and an off-dry Gros Manseng for your interest and pleasure which would happily accompany a warming Thai curry.

And speaking of warming, those reds range from the juicy medium bodied - the expressive Benastra`s La Petite Soeur and the addictive St. JOHN Mâcon - through to the full, rich and brooding old vine Saumur-Chamigny, plush and intense and something of a curiosity from the region. A little handful of our Languedoc loves are the final failsafe treats - our recently released, spicy and supple 2015 Grenache Noir, the earthy, dark and moreish Garrigues and our longtime favourite that Toutes Aures Rouge. A case of comfort and cheer as the long Winter starts to lift.

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