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Wines Mixed CaseDecember Case Two 2018
December Case Two 2018
  • Type: Mixed Case

December Case Two 2018


St. JOHN Champagne NV x 1
La Symphonie 2015 x 1
Pierres Rousses 2017 x 1
Boulevard Napoléon Grenache Gris 2015 x 1
Kritt Riesling 2017 x 1
Petit Salé 2017 x 1
Boulevard Napoléon Carignan 2013 x 2
Brandhof Pinot Noir 2016 x 1
Mon P`tit Pithon Rouge 2017 x 1
Aux Lieux Dits Gigondas 2013 x 1
Rivesaltes Grenat Sur Grain 2016 x 1

An opulent case for a glorious season. Bring me Champagne on Christmas morning, and make it St JOHN! Plush, elegant and ideal with your smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. The night before, as you sit by the fire, all your presents wrapped (we can dream!) here’s another sparkling: the newly arrived Crémant de Loire – fresh, pretty and dry.

We know that Christmas can be heavy – on the soul and on the palate – so we’ve got a strong showing of the fresh, dry and delicate (but decadent) with the Kritt Riesling, and the Petit Salé with its mineral and slightly salty character which is so good with oysters.

Christmas is about love and novelty: we are extremely excited to be able to share with you the newly arrived, textural and fresh Pierres Rousses Vouvray from “vignerons amoreux” Catherine and Pierre Breton! And celebrating times past: what Christmas case would be complete without a bottle of our Boulevard Napoleon Grenache Gris? A rich, round joy with your turkey.

The reds! From the lighter: Fergus’ favourite Pinot Noir from Alsace, and the savoury and lighter bodied P’tit Pithon Rouge (some of the last bottles of the 2017). To the richer: our elegant and aged Gigondas is currently in its prime and will be a treat with roast beef, while the Boulevard Carignan has a depth, spice and richness that whispers of winter.

To finish the case (and to end a rather heady meal), the sweet red pudding wine Boudau Rivesaltes Grenat Sur Grain is a classic match with chocolate and excellent with mince pies too! Or maybe sip it chilled on its own – this is fortified and will keep in to the New Year in the fridge… if it lasts that long!

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