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Wines RedDomaine Olivier PithonCuvée Laïs Rouge 2019
Cuvée Laïs Rouge 2019
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Cuvée Laïs Rouge 2019

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Peppery - Structured - Dark fruits - Long finish

This wine is affectionately named after Laïs, a catalonian Jersey cow owned by the family, it`s true... they`ve shown us the photos! Olivier pays careful attention to all three of the grapes in this blend and through attentive work both in the vineyard and the winery, he has managed to create a wine where you really can pick out all three varietals, from the initial hit of pure red fruit from the Grenache to the slow rise of the dark, peppery Mourvedre and into the opulent, structured finish provided by the Carignan. It is a long journey on the palate and a very enjoyable one at that!


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