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Wines Mixed CaseChristmas Quaffing Case 2019
Christmas Quaffing Case 2019
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Christmas Quaffing Case 2019

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St. JOHN Crémant 2017
Metz Sylvaner 2017
St. JOHN Bordeaux Blanc 2018
Haute-Févrie Moulin de la Gustais 2018
Pithon Mon P`tit Pithon Blanc 2018
St. Mitre Papillon Rosé 2018
St. JOHN Mâcon 2017
Trapadis Côtes du Rhône 2017
Roquefort Gueule de Loup 2018
Pithon 357 2017
Croisille Silice 2016
Le Clos Rouge 2018

The word ‘festive’ when applied to this season is somewhat euphemistic, meaning occasions which call for the pouring of bottles, the raising of glasses… in short, the ramping-up of the need for wine. The neighbours pop in for a drink, those friends ask you over to see the tree and the new baby, that ghastly cousin whose views you so dislike must be seen before Christmas. However impromptu or unwelcome the arrangement, you must still take care to drink something good. Our Quaffing Case is here to help – easy-drinking, excellent value and very good indeed.

The season must have bubbles: St. JOHN Crémant, no less! And four whites to lift the spirits – the fresh and fine Bordeaux Blanc, the textural Metz Sylvaner, the fresh and zippy Muscadet from Haute Févrie and our favourite shape-shifter, melding itself to all manner of foods, flavours and occasions, that incredible P’tit Pithon Blanc 2018.

What’s this, rosé in winter? Yes! The St. Mitre Papillon, for when a white is not enough but a red is not quite right – pale and refreshing. And finally a host of reds, from our lighter-bodied Mâcon and the Trapadis Cotes du Rhône, through to the medium-bodied, warming Gueule de Loup and the plush Pithon 357, ending with the jewels in this case’s crown – the recently arrived Croisille Silice with its earthy Malbec flavours and the soft, elegant and generous Le Clos Rouge (if you like that one there are magnums too – perfect for your festive table). Indeed all of these would be perfect on Christmas day with that glorious meal, if you don’t want to waste any on the neighbours.

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