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Calcaire 2018
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Calcaire 2018

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Winemaker Germain has learned much from the lauded Pascal Verhaeghe at Ch. du Cedre, and now he is really spreading his wings. The Calcaire, a dark purple wine which, as the name suggests, is set on mostly on limestone is bright, almost glossy with graphite and black cherry. These Malbecs have moved away from the old “black wines” of Cahors where the Summer heat can indeed deliver, dare we say it, hot wines. The power of the Malbec remains, but in a restrained and intelligent way: it is floral on the nose, with hard cherry notes folded in the softer tannins delivered by the soil which also brings minerality to the palate. Lovely fruit from the vineyards, which are up on the plateau where the cooling winds keep the bunches fresh through to harvest. Chapeau, Germain!


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