Shop THE FERGRONI - aka 'Negroni As It Should Be'
THE FERGRONI - aka 'Negroni As It Should Be'

THE FERGRONI - aka 'Negroni As It Should Be'

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2019 sees both the 25th anniversary of St. JOHN Restaurant and the 100th birthday of the Negroni. We have created this wonder in honour of these great milestones.

At St. JOHN we serve two types of Negroni. There's our classic version, and there's the Negroni that isn't on the menu, made just how Fergus drinks it. We call this recipe the 'Fergroni'. Previously ordered only by those who know, St. JOHN has now made the Fergroni available for all, conveniently pre-mixed using Tanqueray Premium gin, Punt e Mes vermouth and Campari bitters.

Fergus Henderson describes the perfect Negroni: "When I was younger I lived in Florence in a vain attempt to learn Italian. After appalling results I was called home. On my final evening it seemed right to head to my favourite bar (sadly no longer there), and that night the barman seemed to understand and capture my mood in his execution of the Negroni. Something mystical happened, a magic of sorts, and that evening I learnt a little more about what a Negroni should be".

The label is inspired by the classic black and white Fortunato Depero-designed Campari posters of the 1920s, re-imagined to reference another icon of design - Fergus Henderson’s round spectacles and stripy suit.

30% alc.vol // 700ml.

Bottled in Kent for St. JOHN by Fatman and Friends


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