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*Dr. Henderson cocktail
*Dr. Henderson cocktail *Dr. Henderson cocktail

*Dr. Henderson cocktail


Fergus Henderson's cult cocktail pre-bottled to purchase online for the first time ever.

“The perfect tipple to follow a night of overindulgence. It is magical stuff. You can feel its powers travelling through your body, going down your throat and then reaching all your extremities one by one. Aaah! Most reviving”.

Dark green in colour, comprising Fernet Branca and Crème de Menthe, and with a bitter but fresh taste, the drink is synonymous with St. JOHN and Fergus. He explains its origin story: “One morning at a hotel in Paris my father, Brian Henderson, was a little worse for wear after the previous night’s excesses. The barman mixed this extraordinarily effective concoction and watched him perk up so considerably and so remarkably that, when he returned the next day, Dr. Henderson appeared on the cocktail list in tribute. My wise dad passed this excellent potion down to me”. 


Rules preventing medical claims being made around bottled alcohol mean that the cocktail is re-named D.R. Henderson (with the addition of a crucial full stop) and, while we do not claim that this bottle will cure a hangover, you may find the edge significantly cushioned. This year, when many are making up for last year’s lack of festive merriment, this bottle is a true essential to have up your sleeve.

Following the huge success of 2019’s bottling of The Fergroni, the label continues to riff on the Depero-designed Campari posters of the 1920s, re-imagined to reference another design classic – Fergus Henderson’s round spectacles and stripy suit.

350ml // 33% ABV

Bottled in Kent for St. JOHN by Fatman and Friends

*Regrettably, this product cannot be shipped overseas - Our friends abroad can proclaim their love of Fergus' elixirs with The Fergroni T-shirt, which can be shipped worldwide. 

*Dr. Henderson cocktail *Dr. Henderson cocktail
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