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Wines Mixed CaseThe Pink Set 6 2019
The Pink Set 6 2019
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The Pink Set 6 2019

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Roquefort Corail Rosé 2018
St. JOHN Beausoleil Rosé 2018
Chaintres Saumur Rosé 2018
St. Mitre Papillon Rosé 2018
Pithon Mon P`tit Pithon Rosé 2018
St. Mitre Cuvée M Rosé 2018

Too often rosé is seen as a wine to only drink in warmer weather, however we are ardent supporters and promoters of rosé all year round. Furthermore, rosés can have many nuances because of the vast number of varietals (both red and white grapes) that are used. Gone are the days of sweet pinks, now we have a range of dry and paler rosés. This year we have ten rosé available from across France. Our case focuses on the more southern parts of France, with the exception of the Chaintres Rosé from Saumur which made from Cabernet Franc with its chalky limestone undertones atop crisp, crunchy red fruits.

There are two other rosé that are ‘single varietal’ both of which are made from Grenache – our St JOHN Beausoleil with its linear and fresh strawberry notes contrasts nicely (we have magnums of this too) to the Pithon Rosé with its more opulent raspberry and strawberry fruits and more textural mouthfeel. For the rest of the case we go to Provence – there are two from St Mitre – the Papillon Rosé is made from heavier, darker red fruit flavours from Syrah and Merlot along with juicy Cinsault – this is dry, refreshing with hints of watermelon and blackberry and has a great structure. Alongside this is St Mitre Cuvée M – an absolute classic Provence rosé with its pale colour and blend of red and white grapes – this is quintessential Provence rosé with a slightly creamy mouthfeel, fresh and fine with red fruits. We are such fans of this wine we have shipped magnums and jeroboams of this – it offers the perfect sharing, easy drinking, elegant and sophisticated Provence Rosé. Last and definitely not least of the 6 is the organic Roquefort Corail rosé – with its deeper coral hues, hints of cantaloupe melon, and exceptional quaffability!

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