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August Case 2019
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August Case 2019

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Chaintres Saumur Blanc 2018
St. JOHN Bordeaux Blanc 2018
Malandes Chablis 2018
Roquefort Les Gênets 2018
St. Mitre Papillon Blanc 2018
Boulevard Napoléon Grenache Gris 2015
St. JOHN Beausoleil Rosé 2018
St Mitre Experience Rosé 2018
Benastra La Petite Soeur 2018
Chaintres Saumur-Champigny 2018
Maison Sichel `1883` 2018
Eric Texier Chat Fou 2018

August is here at last! A time when inboxes empty and long hot evenings are spent in the garden, not at your desk. To honour these all-too-brief weeks of calm and restoration we have put together a case to aid long lunches, garden seats under leafy trees, and perhaps a party or two as well.

Our 6 whites range from the fresh and delicate Chenin Blanc from Ch. de Chaintres in Saumur and the minerally, chalky Chablis from Dm. des Malandes; through to the fuller-bodied Napo Grenache Gris with its notes of ginger and spice to discuss and explore over a summery lunch. And if discussion is your goal (you have time in August!) then compare two different styles of Vermentino from Provence – the subtle and elegant Les Gênets and the juicy, fun Papillon Blanc. And when you are ready for something tropical and refreshing, open our Bordeaux Blanc

The reds we have chosen all have minimal sulphur with a juicy lightness (but certainly not thin), meaning they will love some time on ice – the ever-popular Chat Fou from our friend Eric Texier is quite the minx, as is Jo Paille’s La Petite Soeur with its dark fruits and splash of one of our favourite grapes Lledoner Pelut (the ‘hairy grape’!). Two new wines to our portfolio are this crunchy Saumur-Champigny Cab Franc, and 1883’s debut with no added sulphur, dark plums and a suppleness on the palate.

And finally, what would summer be without rosé? What hell! So here is our bone dry, pale and slightly salty Beausoleil 2018 (we cannot stock this fast enough) and the structured St. Mitre Experience Rosé – a small-run wine which they produce only in good years. Heaven.

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