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August Case
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August Case

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The summer gently rolls over into the deeper lull of August, quiet streets as the exodus is in full swing, possibly no work today and there’s need of refreshment, deckchairs, late evenings, longer reads and occasional giddiness etc… the gold of the Toutes Aures Blanc a match for those sultry, etc. etc… and the Benastra slightly chilled...

St. JOHN Crémant de Limoux 2019, Limoux

Colombière, Bande de Sauvage Blanc 2021, Fronton

St. JOHN Picpoul de Pinet 2021, Languedoc

Boudau, Le Clos Blanc 2021, Rivesaltes

Triballe, Toutes Aures Blanc 2021, Languedoc

Emilien Jean, La Petite Colline Blanc 2020, Côtes de Marmandais

Chaintres, Les Hirondelles Rosé 2020, Loire

Roquefort, Corail Rosé 2020, Provence

St. JOHN Rouge 2020, Languedoc

Triballe, MerSy… Pour ce Moment 2021, Languedoc

Colombière, Les Frontons FLingueurs 2021, Fronton

Benastra, La Petite Sœur 2021, Côtes Catalanes

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  • Free delivery throughout England for orders over £150, or £15 below.
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